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Director, Events Manager

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

Angela is a dynamic conscious leader in the community with 25+ experience in customer service and event management including festivals, bridal, public and private parties, concerts, ecstatic dances, ceremonies and more! Angela is a Cosmetologist and Platform Artist by trade and has acquired many specialized certifications in a variety of self empowerment programs. 

Angela is also a KRI Certified Kundalini Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Toastmaster, Elemental Priestess, Minister, and the author of, "Self Care Rituals to Heal the Heart & Womb."  She is spiritual mentor and motivational speaker, and holds a rich background in Somatic Healing. She is

a Sound Healer, and Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops & Events.

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As a Business Mentor and Consultant, Angela assists people with their entrepreneurial ventures. She proudly creates award winning businesses. She is a website developer, graphic designer and social media manager.


Justin Vitarello

  • Justin is the mind behind fojol, a restaurant / entertainment venue in Cottonwood and, an experiential-based tour concept in the Verde Valley.  As a traveling culinary carnival with roots in DC, fojol was recognized as the #2 food truck in America over the past 10 years and was lauded by the Washington community for brining an energy and vibrancy to the city that had yet to be uncovered.

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