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Policies & Procedures

Alcohol and drug-free space.

Bottled water is encouraged.

Other beverages, and food of any kind, are not permitted.

Food/beverage for special events is allowed, only if apart of the event details. 

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.


Each individual is responsible for him/herself.   


Any behavior considered disruptive or inappropriate will result in a removal from the space.​

​Do not affix anything to the doors, windows, or walls without the Event Manager's approval. ​​​

Animals are not allowed, with the exception of working service dogs assisting persons with disabilities. ​

​Fire is not allowed in the space. 

Candles are allowed in a glass container if kept to a minimum. 

​Parking is first come first serve.


Special considerations about parking are apart of the Event contract and

must be communicated with guests.  

Shuttle Service is available with Special Events through 

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